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I had the honor of presenting at the SFASU Women's and Gender Studies Symposium

Today was a big day for #IYGAGAM. Not only did I get the opportunity of getting the book and blog's name out to a bunch of scholars and academics, I was given the honor to show an academic world what it means to be a female who rides her own.

The image of a "biker" comes across in many different ways, ways that I have highlighted before in my previous blog posts. However, today was different. I got to show people who wouldn't even dream of looking at a motorcycle, that one of their own doesn't fit the mold of their idea of what a "biker" is.

All in all the presentation was a success. I spent 30 minutes highlighting some amazing women riders (real and fictional) as well as kicking in the doors of gender role and gender norms. During this time, I talked about how this project, this blog, was a means to an end and the start of change. An end to stigmas and a beginning of something that was already there, I just happen to give it another voice.

Because isn't what this is all about: a movement towards change, a movement towards something greater than all of us. A movement towards the ride to eternal freedom. Your freedom to do what you please. To move beyond the limits of what society says you must do.

Motorcycles know no gender. So why does it matter what gender is "allowed" to opperate them. Some of the greatest motorcycle designers and mechanics are women (i.e.: Alicia (MotoLady) Elfving and Ducati Monster).

Stop by next week! We are revealing another storyboard image and talking about some upcoming themed merch that will be available for purchase!

As always, keep the rubber down and always look twice!

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