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Illustrator Introduction and Illustration Sneak Peaks!

Hey friends!

This week is the start of the good stuff: sneak peaks of If You Give A Girl A Motorcycle.

As we diligently work on the book and get drafts written and illustration concepts drawn up, it occurred to us that the story is told through pictures (and a lot of them). So, what better way to get everyone involved in the project than to give random sneak peeks of the art and storyboards.

While just posting pictures without explanation is not my style, here is a short message from one of the illustrators: my favorite person to collab with//my husband, Jack!

-Katt, author

Hey everyone!

I am grateful to be a part of this project for many reasons. First off, I get to collaborate with my wife on her first book and secondly, I have the chance to do something for my family. I am thankful for the opportunity to be pushed out of my artistic comfort zone as well as having the opportunity to share our family’s passion of community and motorcycles.

Art has always been an outlet. As a BFA Sculpture student, I love finding creative and fun ways to create original art. As a father of two strong independent young women, I recognize the importance of literature such as If You Give A Girl A Motorcycle.

I have seen first-hand how girls are “supposed to” act as opposed to following their own sense of adventure and happiness. In this case, I am hoping that this project can not only brighten some little girls’ world but can be used as a means of showing my own girls that it is okay to not fit the mold and do what makes them happy.

-Jack Noble, artist

As promised, here is a storyboard sketch of our adorable protagonist, Kamy trying on a helmet before getting ready to ride (and making faces as she always does).

Hope everyone has a great week! As always, keep it shiny side up and rubber down!

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